Why Livestock business is growing


Increase demand with Increase in Population: 


With a population of 7.4 billion around the globe, livestock business is growing faster as they need to satisfy demand. In Netherlands this sector generates 8.6 billion every year. Dutch government is trying to optimise this industry by 2023. European Union is getting extra funds to sustain this industry as well, trying to provide grants for countries that can develop this sector. So we need to think at this type of business seriously. Of course you’ll need to get a lot of licenses, vets, experienced management and so on, but this sector is really getting big, and is for sure something that will get a lot of revenue in the future.  One thing is certain, livestock farms especially cattle for sale are growing in number. As many people think that farming is not a business, we need to clarify some certain aspects and understand that farming is indeed a business, not something that someone is doing as a hobby. 


Back in 1989 Romania paid all national debts with nothing else than revenue obtained from farming. Of course back then the state owned this big business, but if a small country was the main producer for Europe, we really need to wonder why nobody talks about this industry any more. Looking in Eastern Europe we realise that the costs are much bigger than the revenue, so basically is a waste of time for someone to even think about starting this business. 


Starting business in Livestock: 


Starting a business in this domain is not that easy as you think. As I’ve said before, you’ll need a lot of paperwork, but beside that you’ll also need commitment. It’s not easy at all. Definitely not like traveling 20 minutes to work, spend some time at the office, then go back home. In a farm you’re taking care of animals. You don’t have fixed hours. In the middle of the night something can come up, you’ll need to call the vet, sort all these type of issues. If you’re just thinking to run this business over the phone, maybe you’re not the one to start it. You need to get involved. That’s why maybe this sector was somehow disappearing at some point. We really don’t have people these days to do this work, or what? Even if the government is spending a lot of money by trying to develop this sector, we still need more. 


So if you’re thinking to do this as a business, feel free to make all the research needed in this domain, and you’ll find a lot of ways to do it, even with a very small investment. It is really something that the future needs, and where is demand; you can definitely make a good profit out of it. It is predicted that by 2100 the population will get to 11.5 billion, so the demand will be much higher. There is huge profit in this business and people are entering in business day by day.